Fire breaks out at Versailles Palace

  • 2024-06-12 10:21:00

A fire broke out at the Palace of Versailles on Tuesday, forcing the evacuation of visitors from one of France’s busiest tourist sites before it was brought under control, a spokesperson said.

The Palace, built in the 17th century for King Louis XIV, was the main royal residence until the French Revolution and the overthrow of the monarchy in 1789.

“Firefighters came. There is no more smoke, no more flames and there is no damage to the collection,” the spokesperson added.

The fire broke out in an area of roofing where renovation works were being done, the spokesperson said.

More than seven million people visit the palace each year.

Later this summer it will host the Olympic Games’ equestrian events.

In 2019, a fire consumed the roof of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. The blaze engulfed the spire and almost toppled the main bell towers. Around the world, TV viewers watched with horror as the medieval building burned.